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Donating to the Loudoun County Brewers Association (LCBA) means contributing to a thriving and ever-growing community that extends beyond the craft of brewing. Your financial support aids in educational initiatives, providing scholarships and workshops to aspiring brewers, and facilitating programs that introduce the broader community to the art and science of brewing. Your donation helps to fund community outreach projects, advocacy efforts, and cultural events that celebrate and bolster the local economy. By investing in LCBA, you're nurturing a sustainable brewing ecosystem, promoting local entrepreneurship, enhancing community, and affirming Loudoun County's place on the map as a significant hub for craft brewing. Whether you're a beer enthusiast, a community advocate, or simply believe in supporting local industries, your contribution makes a tangible difference in shaping our industry.


Contributions to the Loudoun County Brewers Association, a Section 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization, are not deductible as charitable gifts on federal income tax returns, but may be deductible as ordinary and necessary trade or business expenses.

Why Donate to the Loudoun County Brewers Association? A Community-Centered Initiative

The Loudoun County Brewers Association is more than a collective voice for breweries. It represents an group of brewers, community enthusiasts, industry supporters, and those who believe in the transformative power of local businesses.

Educational Initiatives

The LCBA believes in empowering the next generation of brewers. Through your donations, you support:

  • Scholarships: For aspiring brewers seeking formal education, LCBA offers scholarship opportunities. Your contributions enable promising talents to access the education needed to excel in the craft beer industry.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops, seminars, and training sessions are essential to brewers at all levels. By donating, you provide professionals and enthusiasts with the means to explore new techniques, trends, and technologies.

Community Outreach Projects

The LCBA takes pride in being an integral part of Loudoun County's community:

  • Local Charity Support: LCBA organizes events that support local charities, from food banks to educational programs.

  • Environmental Stewardship: LCBA's sustainability initiatives promote eco-friendly brewing practices and community clean-ups. By donating, you contribute to a greener and cleaner Loudoun County.

Advocacy Efforts

The LCBA actively engages in:

  • Legislative Advocacy: By acting as a voice for local breweries, LCBA helps shape policies that foster growth and innovation within the industry. Your donation supports the legal and advocacy work needed to ensure a favorable regulatory environment.

  • Promoting Diversity: The LCBA is actively committed to cultivating an inclusive and diverse brewing landscape, providing tailored support and mentorship programs..

Cultural Events and Festivals

  • Beer Festivals and Tastings: Donating to LCBA ensures the success of events like annual beer festivals and guided tastings. These gatherings are not only enjoyable but also vital in promoting local products and building a shared community culture.

  • Collaborative Competitions: LCBA fosters creativity through brewing competitions, encouraging collaboration between professional brewers and homebrewers. Your support brings these innovative and educational events to life.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurship

  • Business Support: Donating to LCBA means backing local entrepreneurship. From networking opportunities to business workshops, LCBA's initiatives strengthen Loudoun County's economy and employment landscape.

By supporting LCBA, you join hands with a network that believes in quality, creativity, sustainability, diversity, and the power of local collaboration. Your donation, regardless of its size, fuels a vision that resonates well beyond the brewing kettle, reaching into the very heart of what makes Loudoun County unique and vibrant.

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